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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start and end?
Generally, it starts the second or third week in April, after Easter. And ends 1-2 weeks after Memorial Day. 

What are the different age groups?
5-6 year olds play Tee Ball.  If you have played one year of Tee Ball though, you are eligible for Coach Pitch which is comprised of 7-8 year olds.  9-12 year olds play Minor or Major league Baseball and Softball. Minor and Major is determined by age and/or ability. 13-14 year olds play in the Junior League Division, and our oldest group is the Senior League with 15-16 year olds. 

When are practices and games?
For the most part, practices and games are weeknights at 6PM, and Saturdays 9AM. Games are typically 1.5 - 2 hours long, and practices are at the discretion of the team manager.  

I have registered my child to play. Who will contact me and when will practices start?
Teams will begin forming in late March early April. Parents should expect either a phone call and/or email from the Team Manager. 

Is it too late to register?
Registration formally ends on opening day. Jr and Sr divisions ends in early June. 

When is opening day?
Generally the second or third week in April after Easter. 

What is the T-Mobile Grant, and how do I apply
Visit the official Little League T-Mobile Grant website for additional information. 

What if my child has never played before? Can he/she still participate?
Eagle Creek Little League's baseball and softball programs are designed to help teach the fundamentals of the game, and to build skills as players progress and grow older. We help teach novice players and develop new skills in seasoned players. All players play in every game, regardless of skill level or ability.

Can my child request to be placed with a particular coach or with a friend?
For Tee-Ball and Rookie divisions, those requests are almost always honored. For minors and above, it is up to the manager since teams are assigned through a draft process. We want the talent level to be evenly distributed across teams.

What type of equipment do I need to I buy?
A baseball glove, bats and cleats are a good start (even for T-Ball). Only USA Bat certified bats are allowed. These bats will have a USA Baseball logo. Once a team is assigned, the color of pants and socks for your purchase will be known. All players receive a hat and jersey.

What if I don't want to enter my credit card information online, or want to pay by cash or check? What alternatives do I have?
You can also come to our walk-in registration session(s), to pay in cash or check. See our league calendar for date, location and time.

How do I know when my player's team will practice?
The coach of the team will communicate with the players' parents to schedule practice times and locations.

Do I have to purchase uniforms?
We will provide a hat and a shirt. However, you may want to get your player baseball pants and proper shoes. For lower levels, like T-Ball, you really don’t need a full uniform. At these levels sneakers, comfortable pants, and/or soccer cleats will suffice. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having them all decked out if you wish. However, as your player moves up the ranks, you will want to get clothing and shoes especially designated for baseball.

Do I have to purchase equipment?
The league will provide bats and balls and helmets, which will be shared. We sometimes have some spare gloves but not always. At lower levels it may make sense not to spend a lot on equipment (like an expensive glove or a fancy bat), as your player will out-grow them quickly. However, as your player moves up in the ranks, you may want to get them better gear (like a glove, bat, and helmet). Safety equipment – like a cup and/or heart protector are a good idea for all levels, especially those that do not use safety balls; however, the league does not provide them. Please note that the sharing of helmets – like any headgear – can cause problems with things like lice. This may be a reason to obtain your own helmet. It is also a good reason to put your player’s name in his/her hat.

What do I do if I have a serious problem with my child’s coach?
If you feel the behavior of league volunteer or coach is a significant problem, then please report the issue to a league official.

Why don't we have better concessions, restrooms, lighted fields, amenities?
We are a volunteer-based organization that aims to provide the best, enjoyable experience for all school-aged children and families in Pike Township. We certainly would like to improve, or enhance, our infrastructure and curb appeal. However Indy Parks owns the land and dictates what improvements we can and cannot make. 

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